Senior Dining


A hot nutritious meal is provided at all meal sites in the counties of Stutsman and Wells.  This meal is available to the older individual 60 years of age and older and their spouse of any age.  Senior meal menu’s are prepared by a licensed registered dietician and approved through the state of North Dakota.  Senior meals allows the older individual to remain healthy, active and lead independent lives.

Others who may be eligible for senior meals are individuals with disabilities living in congregate housing facilities designated primarily for the elderly and where a congregate meal site exists.  Those who live with a guardian who eats the senior meals.

A limited amount of Older Americans Act and State dollars are available to help pay for program costs.
The full cost to prepare a senior meal is $9.71.  The suggested voluntary contribution for a meal is $4.00.  Food stamps and EBT/SNAP are accepted

No eligible individual will be denied a meal due to inability or unwillingness to contribute.